Brand + Build Workshop

7 Principles of Design

The guiding forces behind intentional design and what makes some marketing and branding work better than others. Learn from Neat + Nimble in this 1 hour only virtual workshop!

Wednesday, August

Noon to 1pm

Seats Available

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Spend LESS time designing and get better results! What if you knew what the pros are thinking when they design marketing pieces? What if you could clearly communicate with your team how to execute your vision?

You can achieve high-end marketing designs for those quick-turn sponsorships or DIY collateral pieces that it just doesn’t make sense to hire an agency for.

Learn the ins and outs of what professional designers are thinking when they create premium designs. Our team will provide you with everything you’ll need to show off your brand’s personality, engage with potential customers, and even boost your brand’s look and feel. This Brand + Build workshop will cover real and concrete techniques for users both beginners and moderately experienced.

Who the Course is For:

  • Solopreneurs making all their own marketing collateral
  • Spouses of business owners who somehow get charged with making websites, flyers, or other promotional materials for their partner who “doesn’t know how” (I SEE you!)
  • Business owners who want to communicate more effectively with freelancers, agencies or employees who are making marketing or branding pieces
  • Office managers, executive assistants, virtual assistants and “behind the scenes” folks who make sure things happen for messy-minded managers and owners
  • Social media managers creating social graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat
  • Public relations and communication managers or directors without a background in marketing or design
  • Self-taught designers and side-hustlers who want to improve their own technique to better serve their family, friends, and develop a stronger portfolio to attract higher-paying clients

$99 Per Person

Virtual Workshop

Online on Zoom

What You’ll Learn

  • 7 Principles of Design
  • Best practices for legibility and readability
  • How to improve your advertising, website, and other collateral
  • Where to get fonts
  • The psychology of color
  • The best software to learn to advance
  • Where to find templates or create on a home computer

Tangible Takeaways

  • Infographic of the 7 Principles of Design
  • Best practices tips for readability & legibility
  • Top performing CTA’s to use in your design
  • List of resources for templates
  • Design inspiration resources
  • Digital copy of all presentation materials

Stack & Save

Attendance includes discounted pricing for design services booked with Neat + Nimble within 30 days of the event

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The Neat + Nimble Team

Across the States, Behind the Scenes

Marie Newell

Marie Newell

Based in Hermann, MO
ESFJ | She/Her/Hers

Marie's a graphic designer at heart, but with a marketing mind. Experience in corporate settings and working closely with C-level stakeholders gives Marie the ability to see the big picture as well as drill down into the details required to execute a well-laid plan.

She gets nerdy over self-help books, prefers to be outside around water, and is raising two beautiful daughters with her husband.

Essie Bone

Essie Bone

Content Creator
Based in California

As our staff content-creating master Essie can uncover something interesting just about anything. Her ability to balance information with entertainment keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

She fangirls for plants can be identified by a number of tattoos and is loving the coastal life.

Addison Bazen

Addison Bazen

Junior Graphic Designer
Based in Colorado

Meet our Junior Graphic Designer extraordinaire. Originally hailing from Moberly, Missouri, Addison now finds herself nestled in the beautiful landscapes of Denver, Colorado. When she's not crafting stunning visual experiences, you can find her out and about, exploring the great outdoors with her husband and their two furry companions. Her innovative designs and knack for orchestrating color palettes make her an asset to our creative powerhouse.