Accessibility in Social Media

Wednesday, May 12th at 1:00pm CST via Zoom

Live, virtual, lunch and learn style presentation about accessibility in social media to build your brand online and improve the internet for all. Hosted by Marie Newell, presentation by Alexa Heinrich.

  • Are you a social media manager looking to improve your brand reach?
  • Are you a single person doing everything without formal training?
  • Do you want to strengthen customer interactions and build your brand online and offline?

About Alexa

Alexa Heinrich is the Social Media Manager for St. Petersburg College (SPC) in Florida where she oversees the college’s numerous social media accounts and blogs. She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible and inclusive content for social media and has presented educational webinars on the subject to several different organizations including Harvard University, John Deere, GoFundMe, and the Great Lakes ADA Center.

Experiencing the internet is not the same for everyone. We’ll be discussing:

  • What accessibility is and who it impacts
  • What assistive technology and devices are used
  • How to improve your hashtags and copywriting
  • When to use [or not use] emojis and icons
  • What the alt text on images really means
  • What to include in your audio descriptions and captions on videos

We’ll discuss what habits and changes you may want to adopt to increase your brand’s reach, be more inclusive, and utilize emerging technology to improve the internet experience for everyone.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with us live and ask for advice about their own social media!

Registration is OPEN

All registrants will receive a free recording of the session, but we encourage tuning in live for the full experience.

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