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You’ve heard it before in sales, “You can’t expect to close a sale if you never ask for it”. The call to action is the key element to any marketing campaign. A CTA acts as a signpost, letting users know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, your customer may not know the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter. They are also likely to leave your site without accomplishing any task. In this FREE 30 min Learn + Launch, we will teach you how to write efficient CTAs in order to capture new business. 

Who this Webinar is For:

  • Office managers, assistants, and “behind the scenes” folks looking to build stronger CTA copywriting skills to make sure things happen for messy-minded managers and owners 
  • Solopreneurs needing a process to reduce the time it takes to write a CTA that converts
  • Business owners looking to enhance their marketing messaging



*zoom link will follow once registration is complete. 



“Marie taught me so much…She is a pro and a great teacher. I would recommend her without reservation.”
– Carol Weisman, Design Day client


What You’ll Learn

  • What are calls to action?
  • Where/when to use them.
  • Tips to enhance urgency to increase conversions.
  • The different types of calls to action
    and how to pick which to use.

Tangible Takeaways

  • List of strong CTAs to use in your messaging
  • 4 ways to add urgency to your marketing copy
  • Live Q&A with Marie
  • Video link to the presentation for future reference

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