Retiree Resource

A quarterly publication by Missouri LAGERS

Dependable monthly income is what middle-class workers use to maintain their lifestyle and transition from actively working to retirement with dignity. Missouri LAGERS has served Missouri workers for over 50 years do just that. The quarterly newsletter, Retiree Resource, keeps members informed about benefit updates and what other retirees are doing to enjoy their time.

Services Provided:

  • Brand Identity Development: Graphic Design
  • Content Development: Copy Editing
  • In-Person Experience: Print Collateral, Direct Mail

A Fresh Design for an Existing Newsletter

We had the pleasure of re-designing the Fall 2021 issue to freshen up the look and capture the attention of current members across the state. This membership newsletter design was a delight to work on!

Brand identity standards were provided, but the communications team was looking for something new—an out-of-the-box design. The updated membership newsletter template utilizes current graphic design styles. Some spreads align closely with existing brand standards while the featured Retiree Spotlight shows more whimsy!

The most important message for members is the Cost of Living Adjustment which will directly impact their benefit for the coming months and years. The top priority was making the information easy to digest. Second priority: making the meat of the message an easy and quick read in some at-a-glance graphics for those who don’t want to read the entire article.

They already had a great existing relationship with a local printer who also managed mailing this piece directly to homes. The saddle-stitch and half-fold made it easy to deliver through the USPS as a direct mail piece. We’re looking forward to the next issue!

Looking to freshen up your existing communication with your members? Let’s chat!