Tucked away in the Missouri River Valley, Hermann is a picturebook village where 19th-century brick buildings hug the sidewalk, as they do in Germany. Tourism is an integral part of the small community—we created an official visitor guide for guests, travelers, and local businesses alike.

Services Provided:

  • Brand Identity Development: Graphic Design, Copywriting
  • Organic Online Presence: Gated Media
  • In-Person Experience: Print Collateral
  • Digital Advertising: Email Marketing
  • Strategy & Consulting: Planning & Strategy, Press Management

So Much To Say In So Few Words

Writing for the first edition of a multi-spread publication also meant covering a diverse collection of features and attractions. We needed to keep copy precise and focused on topics as they were divided on the website to make transition from in-hand to online easy. To clearly separate the sections, we developed a set of icons. Now, they’re also being used on billboards in the region as part of the larger marketing plan.

Eye-Catching Photography

Hermann Tourism had an extensive collection of photography already on file. Selecting the right images to tell the stories and appeal to future travelers was a challenge with so many great options to choose from! You may even recognize Marie on page 2 from her time volunteering as a model and local Hermann resident.

Distribution & Promotion

Thousands of copies were printed for the first round of distribution. They were shared with local businesses, attractions, and Missouri state tourism sites. The digital version was uploaded and hosted by Issuu. Links were added throughout the document to allow for navigation inside the document as well as out to the Tourism website (VisitHermann.com) and business directory websites.

To encourage email list growth, the digital copy also acts as gated content on the website. Potential tourists visiting the VisitHermann.com website can subscribe to gain access to the digital copy using a link they receive in an auto-generated welcome email. Upon visiting the landing page with the digital copy, visitors can also submit a request to receive a mailed copy direct to their home!

Future Issues

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are being made available to area businesses, with the hope of adding additional content. By supplementing budgets with advertising dollars, even more hard copies can be printed and distributed. The additional space will also give individual businesses and opportunity to start building their brand in front of tourists to attract their ideal customers.