Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co.

In the suburbs outside of Dallas and Fort Worth in northern Texas, there’s a men’s barbershop paying tribute to one of America’s WWII heroes. When the owner of this new business requested help developing a brand with as much personality as the hero’s story we gladly took on the challenge!

Services Provided:

  • Brand Identity Development: Graphic Design, Copywriting
  • Organic Online Presence: Website Design and WordPress Development
  • In-Person Experience: Print Collateral, Signage
  • Strategy & Consulting: Planning & Strategy

Logo & Identity

Our client came to us with an idea and vision for what he wanted the brand to do—elements he wanted to include. We took those words and ideas and turned them into a feeling and visual identity to match. The process included 4 initial concepts followed by 2 rounds of revisions, all done in black and white. We do this so color is not a deciding factor when clients make their selections on fonts and the mark itself.

Color is the last step while crafting the center of the brand universe: the logo. While it is in-tune with the previously created mood board (see above), it is a stand-along element that needs to hold up at nearly any size. Logos can also come with a family of secondary or tertiary marks for special use cases such as needing to be embroidered or used at a tiny size. Although the logo, typeface, and color palette has been selected—it’s just the beginning of this brand’s journey…

Giving the Brand Personality

Since the brand is a namesake of a real person, it was important to both tell that story and craft our own. Using the client’s ideas for how he wanted his brand to be perceived, we word-smithed a compelling and intriguing story for the new barber shop.

Wayfinding Design

Collateral and environmental elements were designed to transform the brick-and-mortar location with help from local service installers and local printers. The look and feel of each location’s commercial building is slightly different, however, the branding needed to be instantly recognizable. Brand icon elements were incorporated into the window display along with the motto we crafted to help tell Bazooka Charlie’s story—”It’s not what you have, but rather what you make happen.”

Mockup of exterior signage for Roanoke location
Final installation of exterior signage at the Keller location

Developing Online Presence

We designed the website for Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co. and developed it on the WordPress platform. The most important aspect was the prominent calls to action throughout the site to book an appointment. The button links to the existing booking website where customers can reserve time with a stylist or barber.

Print Collateral

Printed collateral is still needed, even in today’s highly digital world. There, we said it! Passing out reminder appointment cards or having a small token someone can take with them and pass to a friend is a great way to get recurring and repeat business. These business cards are used by the entire staff of stylists and can be ordered in bulk. This decreases waste if there’s staff turnover or title changes as employees are granted leadership positions.

The menu below displays the most common services, with the highest priced package displayed with the most prominence. This brand’s offering also includes memberships for unlimited cuts. The full list of services is listed on the back for anyone looking for something extra.

Vertical business cards lay flat across the edge of a light grey background. The left card has a photograph of a black and white plan propeller with a red, white, and blue Bazooka Charlie's Barber Co. logo on the top third. The right card is implied to be the other side and lists contact information as well as blanks for filling in future appointments.
A legal size paper menu of the most common services lays flat across the edge of a light grey background. The three packages are listed left to right with the "Alpha" cut in the center and taking the most prominence in red and a slightly larger font. A blue ribbon below the services reads "Haircuts, Shaves, Trims, Fades". Memberships are listed on the left and right of a centered logo below.