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Cope Grass Farm

In the heart of Midwest Missouri, the Cope Grass Farm, a fifth-generation family legacy, stands as a testament to the art of sustainable, regenerative farming. Sabrina Cope, the Marketing Director and fellow millenial, recognized the need to translate the pride they take in their grass-fed, grass-finished beef and diverse livestock offerings into a digital presence representing their values and resonating with their customers. We are here for it.


Website Development



  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress Development
  • Art Direction
Two senior white men stand in a field of tall grass, evaluating their family farm.

From Pasture to Pixels

Our collaboration with Sabrina and her father, Harry, aimed to revitalize the online representation of Cope Grass Farm. An existing website was developed a few years ago, but never really received the attention needed to accurately represent their values and pride in the work they do. Through a meticulous process of custom WordPress design, content creation, and strategic photography guidance, we wove together a narrative that authentically captured the essence of their regenerative practices. The result? A website as rich and wholesome as the farm pastures, practices, and livestock it represents.

Two cows eat microgreens in a pasture.

Marie designed our website for our farm (Cope Grass Farm). She and her team did a GREAT job! Our customers love it and so do we. She is willing to answer any questions you have and helps you in every way. If you want a website designed, definitely consider Marie and her team.

– Sabrina Cope

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