You’re already spinning a lot of plates. I’m here to give your arms a rest so you can level-up.

You found me. I’m Marie, master designer/marketer for multi-faceted brands.

You’re all about seeing results, and expect the best.

You’re totally willing and capable to figure it out on your own, but your time is better spent elsewhere on your business.

You need someone who who gets it, who knows what it takes to make the needle move, the master orchestrator who can really make diverse campaigns or a new location launch sing.

That’s where I come in.

I studied graphic design at the NASAD accredited program at the University of Central Missouri. After graduating I spent the first three years working at a boutique web agency that served a diverse local clientele. It was awesome. Then in 2013, after having our first child I needed to make a change. I wanted to grow!

The next four years were spent working for the family-owned automotive dealership group (#1 Ford dealership in the state for 18+ years!). I saw first-hand the challenges and need to brand each location as it’s own store, but to have a cohesive relationship with the community as a group. There was power in the collective, but each location needed to have their own identity to stand out to their ideal customer.

About a year after the majority of the dealership group was sold to a larger auto dealer, I found myself looking at one more opportunity to move up and no desire to stay in the industry. So I shifted across town to work for another industry leader, this time in real estate. While there, we launched a new out-of-state location of the flagship brand, took-over and re-branded a floundering bar at our other out-of-state location, and launched a local restaurant near headquarters, all while putting heads in beds serving the student body at the number one ranked state university locally.

After a couple of years, when our second daughter came a month early, I found it necessary to find a new endeavor yet again. I started working for the local university as a director for the marketing department. The first year was wrought with challenges and crises. Still though, we delivered results and guided 30+ locations nationwide through.

Pass me the spinning plates.

Now more than ever, I find myself helping businesses grow amidst a pandemic through thoughtful launches, updated social media strategies, online advertising, and new websites. I’m helping individuals turn their ideas into side-hustles to diversify their income in uncertain times. I’m answering questions people all over the globe have so they can implement the ideas and strategies they see working, but just don’t know how to implement them.

This could be you.

I’m your new go-to-gal. The one who has the know-how of what needs done, the grit to complete the challenge, and the class to make it smooth and easy for you to get where you’re going. 

You’re going to get it done no matter what. I’m your guide to getting there faster and easier so you can move on to focus on the next level.

Let’s get this party started.


Marie Newell


Life is what we make of it. That’s why you’ll find me seeking out new opportunities to grow and learn, but also working hard to mindfully put away my devices during family time.

My career started in graphic design and has evolved into a bold fusion of many different aspects of building brands and businesses. I’m passionate about helping others transform their efforts into action that makes an impact.

What’s in a name?

Neat and nimble are two characteristics we want to embody even more than we already do in our everyday. Neat as in organized, process-driven, and efficient. Nimble for the ability to throw all logic out the window and creatively pivot on a dime, if needed.