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Roaming Spirits

Lisa Lueckenotte, the visionary entrepreneur behind Roaming Spirits, embarked on a journey to open a mobile cocktail bar after serving in health-services through COVID. This new vision for her future brings an air of elegance to the world of libations-on-the-go. With a referral from her business attorney, Lisa sought the expertise of Neat + Nimble to turn her dream into memorable marketing and brand reality.


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  • Graphic Design
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  • HTML Development
  • Tradebooth Design
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Consulting/Coaching
Logo for Roaming Spirits

On-Brand & On Budget

Our engagement with Lisa spanned various facets, encompassing graphic design, print/press management, WordPress website development, trade booth design, social media consulting, copywriting, and consulting/coaching. It was a multifaceted startup requiring a holistic approach.

The ultimate goal was to shape a brand that mirrored Lisa’s vision for her new business while ensuring scalability for the future. Roaming Spirits needed to capture attention, and we were prepared to deliver.

Our journey with Lisa began with our comprehensive Brand + Build package, where we embarked on creating a distinctive logo and identity. Lisa had already drafted some ideas using an online freelance service, which got her close. She was okay with the options, but knew it would have some limitations and could cause confusion with so many variations. We streamlined the look, opting for a simplified concept that married the mobility and craft cocktail ideas together with a compass shown as a garnish to the “S” in Spirits. The font selected depicts a fun and elegant persona without feeling stuffy or over-priced.

Our Brand + Build package extended to a sleek 1-page website, social media graphics, an email signature, and business cards. Lisa chose an upgraded soft-touch business card with metallic foil to showcase her brand’s elegance and premium essence.

Full Speed Ahead

Roaming Spirits will have a home base in Mid-Missouri for tastings and event planning. She is incorporating branding elements from her identity guide into the space and even had a custom sign cut from the logo files we provided.

Now, as her mobile cocktail bar’s trailer is nearing completion (as of Fall 2023), Lisa is poised for success. With her new brand and marketing strategy in place, she’s ready to book appointments for events, confident that her Roaming Spirits will soon grace gatherings and occasions with the sophistication she envisioned.


The Neat + Nimble team is absolutely fantastic! They turned my new business venture from an idea to a reality far beyond my expectations. They worked with me on brand identity, social media graphics, business cards, website design, and so much more. Marie’s probably the most organized person I’ve met and she really kept my project timeline on track. She’s approachable, talented, and has developed her craft to a level that would be an asset to any new or existing business. I can’t imagine receiving this level of personal service from another marketing agency. From one on one lunches, frequent web calls, and hand delivering my business cards because she wanted to personally inspect them for quality before I received them, I was blown away by the team every step of the way. The end result was a brand I’m enthusiastic to share with clients. I highly recommend Marie and her team at Neat + Nimble!”

– Lisa Lueckenotte, Owner
Roaming Spirits

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