of our tiny team

We get it, the pool of “eligible” freelancers and help on the internet is vast and it’s overwhelming trying to pick the right person or agency to execute your idea…or maybe even give you some ideas.

Here, you’ll find a tiny team building brands through consistency in design and marketing. We face many of the same challenges our clients do. This is why we offer a variety of services and ways of working together.

So what can you expect working with a tiny team to build big brands?

We’ll show you…

Recent Works

Crossing State Lines and Verticals

Ways to Work Together


We provide support and solutions to your on-going needs. You receive customized marketing strategies, budgets, and monthly reporting. We’re just a call, click, or text away.

At this level, you’re always at the top of our list and we’re presenting ideas or opportunities as they arise. We serve as an extension of your team or board.


We knock out specific problems or check off certain “to-dos” on your list. You’ll receive a tailored experience and specific deliverables. We’ll have check-in meetings and are available by phone or email.

At this level, you’re a premiere client and we will offer suggestions and pose questions to help you reach your goals and determine next steps. We serve as a consultant and creative service provider.


We assist for as much or as little as you need. You’ll be able to call on us and schedule in advance. This work is completed in between our on-going or pre-scheduled projects.

At this level, we’ll optimize our time together and offer suggestions for next steps you can chose to do yourself or get an estimate for. We serve as a consultant and creative partner.

Meaningful Work

We do what we love and it shows

"The Neat + Nimble team is absolutely fantastic! They turned my new business venture from an idea to a reality far beyond my expectations. They worked with me on brand identity, social media graphics, business cards, website design, and so much more. Marie’s probably the most organized person I’ve met and she really kept my project timeline on track. She’s approachable, talented, and has developed her craft to a level that would be an asset to any new or existing business. I can’t imagine receiving this level of personal service from another marketing agency. From one on one lunches, frequent web calls, and hand delivering my business cards because she wanted to personally inspect them for quality before I received them, I was blown away by the team every step of the way. The end result was a brand I’m enthusiastic to share with clients. I highly recommend Marie and her team at Neat + Nimble!"

Lisa Luckenotte

Owner, Roaming Spirits

"So many firsts in my new business came from working with Marie. With Marie’s enthusiasm and milestone approach to a marketing campaign I was confident in hosting and marketing my first webinar that went off without a hitch and returned 155% ROI. Our second campaign was just as fabulous returning 175% ROI. Beyond campaigns Marie was instrumental in developing my email marketing and reviewing digital marketing results."

Katie Swanson

Change Collaborative

"WOW! I recently purchased an established business and I'm looking to expand our services and clientele. Designing a logo and brand that stayed true to who we are while also representing us to our future clients was intimidating me. Our services are offered in a variety of settings, making it challenging for one logo to appeal to all settings- or so I thought. Marie and the team made the process exciting, fun, EASY, and efficient. They have met every deadline, responded immediately to any correspondence, outlined and guided the process, all while encouraging me and opening my eyes to the potential my business has. What they have created is exactly what I was looking for- I swear they were able to interpret my thoughts without me even saying them out loud! I can't wait to continue my relationship with them and HIGHLY recommend them!"

Hannah Turnbull

Owner, Creative Therapy Services