Spirits & Liquor

+ product experience

Not all spirits are equal. Neither are the bottles and packaging they come in. We work with your team to develop the premium experience your customers expect from your brand at a point that makes sense.

Our team helps the select fit and finishes to make every pour worthy of a nod of approval. Take your home-brew, barrel-aged, or crystal clear spirit to the next level with the help of our brand-building experience.

On the Shelf

Use branding to stand out next to your competitors and make it easy for fans to find. Find your brand voice > 

In Hand

Materials matter. From the quality of the ink and paper to the fine finishes your bottle makes an impression.  From finger tip to top, touch matters > 

A Collection

Each batch, and line needs a personality of its own – but they also need to fit together to create a family brand. How different vs similar should they be > 

Meaningful Work

We do what we love, and. it shows.


+ for Spirits & Liquor


Before your start applying for licensing or placing orders for production equipment, we advise how to capture the moments and when to begin telling your story and building a customer base.

Service Can Include:

  • Name Generation
  • Logo & Identity Development
  • Social Media Username & Domain Name
  • Availability Checks & Reservations
  • Trademark Documentation
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Audience Building


While obtaining licensing coordinating various timelines and deadlines to get all your ducks in lined up to begin making and bottling your product is quite a process. We know, we’ve done it

Service Can Include:

  • Label & Package Design
  • Printer Sourcing
  • Press/Project Management
  • Cork/Topper Sourcing
  • UPC Barcode Generation & Registration
  • COLA Approvals

Tasting Room/Retail

Sometimes it’s not enough to just be on shelves. Creating a tasting room and retail experience is one of the best ways to showcase the full potential of your spirits and guide the customer experience. 

Service Can Include:

  • Wayfinding & Sign Design
  • Branding
  • Tasting Boards
  • Tour Scripts
  • Merchandise Selections
  • Window Exhibits
  • Shopping Bags
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Souvenirs

Clayton Newell

Proprietor, Lionheart Whiskey Co.

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