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Being the desired change in an industry so vital to the good of man-kind can be tough. Explaning how the new approach to doctor-patient relationships works and why it’s better was the challenge when Liberty Family Medicine approached us about updating their brochure. 


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Tri-Fold Brochure

Being in business for some time, the team at Liberty Family Medicine had existing marketing materials. The business evolved enough it was time to make some edits and gain some clarity on how they explain the process and services to new patients. 

We interviewed the team, wrote copy, and designed a brochure. The updated graphics brought a fresh new look without straying from their established brand identity standards.

Reviewing the words we wrote for them made it easier for leadership to have an eye for edits on the project instead of starting from a blank page. As an outsider, we had the same position and experience that a new patient may—lots of questions! By learning the ins and outs of the big picture and understanding the details solutions their Direct Primary Care set-up provides we were able to convey the highest priority marketing messages.


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