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Lewis Tree Service

In the heart of Columbia, Missouri, Lewis Tree Service stands as a beacon of excellence in tree care and maintenance. Founded over a decade ago by Matt Lewis, a passionate arborist with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, their company has grown into a trusted name in the community. They take pride in their roots and strive to provide sustainable, regenerative tree care solutions that enhance the beauty and health of your property. They’re not just tree experts – they’re your neighbors, your friends, and they wanted that translated into their website and social content!


Website Development

Organic Online Presence



  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress Development
  • Art Direction
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Social Media Management
Two senior white men stand in a field of tall grass, evaluating their family farm.

Bright And Welcoming

Teaming up with Matt Lewis, we set out to rejuvenate the online presence of Lewis Tree Service. Although they had an existing website, it lacked the attention to detail necessary to reflect their core values and commitment to excellence. Through a thorough process of custom WordPress design, content development, and strategic photography, we crafted a narrative that authentically conveyed their dedication to excellence. The outcome? A website as welcoming and approachable as Matt himself!

Two cows eat microgreens in a pasture.

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