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Sipz Sodas

When Joel and Brenda Andrus arrived in mid-Missouri they saw an opportunity to bring one of their favorite drink experiences to the Mizzou college town. The standard was low, with most consumers visiting a local gas station to get their fix of Diet Coke or another soft drink. With limited options for extra flavors and much left to be desired in customer service, the Andrus had a vision for a bright and friendly soda shop. And so Sipz Sodas was born. 


Website Development



  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress Development
  • Art Direction

Store Front to Catering

After establishing themselves as the go-to soda shop for a fun and friendly refreshment, Sipz Sodas knew they could expand their reach with improved online presence. They already had great customer engagement and steady social media posts, but there wasn’t a comprehensive list of their flavors or signature mixerz. They also lacked a streamlined method to allow potential catering customers to inquire outside business hours.

Expanding the business model to include outside catering events offered new opportunities for revenue as well as exposure to their target market. Within just a month of launch, they’ve received several inquiries for upcoming catering events as well as part time workers expressing interest in working for the soda shop.

Two cows eat microgreens in a pasture.

“We like the layout [of the website] a lot. Thanks again for your work on this and your patience!
– Joel & Brenda Andrus

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