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a Self-Paced E-Commerce Course

Your ambition and potential is limitless. You could practically retire on passive income if you just had a clear path of how to start an online store.

There’s a million resources showing the power of e-commerce in today’s market. It’s difficult to decide which solution is best, let alone figuring out what order to do all the steps in. 

While developing e-commerce stores for our own clients, we developed a process anyone can use to start an online store and launch their own e-commerce website! We go beyond the technical to-dos and teach you the brand-building techniques needed to stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace. We believe smart entrepreneurs can do anything…including learning the skills they need to make their dreams a reality.

So what can you expect from our course? We’ll show you…

What to Expect


We bring experience and critical thinking to your idea to develop a unique brand position and identity your customers will love!
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We walk you through the steps it takes to set-up your online store from opening an account to taking it live and accepting your first order. Beyond the launch we are a marketing agency that can support your growth as you scale.


The course is online and self-paced, but we know how important and helpful it is to know you have support when questions arise. That’s why we also include access to our online community where you’ll find peers facing your same challenges and learn from their experience.

What’s included in the E-Course?

Currently divided into 13 lessons, the Design + Develop e-course about How to Start and Launch an E-Commerce Store will help you design and develop your own website. It is specifically focused on Square Online sites, though all lessons can be adapted to fit the steps required for other online store creation.

When you enroll you’ll gain access to:

  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Discounted Branding Services
  • Digital Downloads & Templates
  • Online Support


The course includes access to videos, tutorials, articles, digital downloads, and our online support group!

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About the E-Commerce Curriculum

We start by walking you through core questions you should ask yourself before choosing an E-Commerce Platform and hosting. We provide highlights about what makes Square the best e-commerce platform to build your store on.

Because we believe brand building happens one moment at a time, we then develop your brand identity based on your business goals and values. It helps determine how to approach the rest of your store so messaging resonates with your target customer.

Then it’s time to get organized. We take a high-level look at your inventory, organizing products into categories and establishing SKUs.

Next comes listing development. We show you how to take stellar product photography, research keywords, and train AI to assist in writing product descriptions.

Once your store is full, it’s time to set-up payments, establish shipping and tracking processes, and develop your online store policies.

Uploading your inventory, completing stylizing your site, and launching gets your e-commerce store live. We don’t end there though.

It’s time for a test sale, checking inventory management and syncing. Now the site is ready to produce sales.

The final step is a recurring one: market, learn, revise, and repeat. We’ll show you how to manage your reviews and reputation, how to measure leading and lagging metrics, develop a omnichannel approach, budget your marketing dollars, and how to manage what you can in-house and outsource the rest.

The Neat + Nimble Team

Across the States, Behind the Scenes

Marie Newell

Marie Newell

Based in Hermann, MO
ESFJ | She/Her/Hers

Marie's a graphic designer at heart, but with a marketing mind. Experience in corporate settings and working closely with C-level stakeholders gives Marie the ability to see the big picture as well as drill down into the details required to execute a well-laid plan.

She gets nerdy over self-help books, prefers to be outside around water, and is raising two beautiful daughters with her husband.

Essie Bone

Essie Bone

Content Creator
Based in California

As our staff content-creating master Essie can uncover something interesting just about anything. Her ability to balance information with entertainment keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

She fangirls for plants can be identified by a number of tattoos and is loving the coastal life.

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