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Black & Gold Auctions

After buying the existing auction business, the new owner of Black & Gold Auctions in Columbia, Missouri asked us how to build the brand awareness and reputation. We had a few suggestions. 


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Recommendation No. 1: Modify the Logo

We don’t always suggest this, but there were a couple of things about the old logo we thought could be improved. Namely:

1/ Stop using an icon to replace a letter. It’s “cute”, but not as functional as it needs to be at distances or tiny sizes.

2/ Make the weight of the lettering consistent. The small caps looks a little odd with the “A” displaying at a thicker weight and at a lower baseline.

3/ Make the overall shape less lumpy and more self-contained. The negative space around a logo is just as important as the spacing and layout within the logo.

4/ Utilize negative space instead of using a white outline inconsistently.

5/ Use the updated tagline to educate potential customers about the frequency and location of the auctions.




Weekly Online Auctions · One Call Sells It All

Recommendation No. 2:
Increase Google Reviews using an SOP

If you haven’t already heard us preach about this, head on over to our blog post about How to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business.

We know asking for Google Reviews can sometimes fall by the wayside while you’re busy running a business. Which is why we suggest creating a standard operating procedure to make it a consistent piece of your customer’s journey.

After implementing the review cards, Black & Gold Auctions has received 32 reviews (30 of which are 5 stars) on their Google Business Profile in 5 months. Prior to this change the same profile had only accumulated 17 reviews in six years. That’s a 188% growth in less than 5 months!

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