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J’ Aimie Le Chocolat!

Starting an online business is no easy task. When we met Jaimie Miller, she was just getting started with her online international chocolate boutique. A friendship built on a foundational love of excellent chocolate soon ensued. We’re excited to be a part of this women-led online retail business journey!


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  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Collateral
  • Print Collateral
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Print Management
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Partnered for Brand Photography
J'Aimie Le Chocolat logo before and after

Level-Up the Logo

Like many solopreneurs getting started, Jaimie utilized the skills and resources she had to develop a logo prototype to get branding started. After receiving her first round of DIY business cards she wasn’t completely pleased with how it was coming together.

So we took our logo design experience skills and put them to work polishing up the existing logo and turned it into the professionally designed logo she’s using today. A few modifications were made to set this logo up for long-term success:

  • Mimic rose gold metallic finish on the globe
  • Create defined edges and boundaries
  • Make the brand name more legible with a serif font
  • Refine the script font to something more elegant
  • Update colors to fit the new tone and style used on other branding materials like the website and collateral
  • Provide a suite of logo files in various colors and filetypes

Jaimie loved how the new logo also is reminiscent of a passport stamp as an avid global traveler.

Rose Gold Foil Business Cards

Utilizing professional product photography from one of our partners, we highlighted the texture of the international chocolates. The rose gold metallic foil on these business cards and soft-touch finish make them a special experience to hand out when Jaimie’s promoting her brand!

“Working with Marie and her team has been an incredible journey as I kept throwing miscellaneous tasks at them…in which she confidently accomplished time after time, blowing my socks off with the results! From logo, stand up banner, labels, business cards, my brochures… and to this final project of launching my new website! Marie Newell owner of Neat + Nimble and her team have done corporate, top quality work and I would never recommend anyone else!”
Jaimie Miller

Founder, J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! International Chocolate Boutique

Luxury is an Experience

The level at which a brand is perceived says a lot about its value. It was vital to founder Jaimie Miller for her brand to exude premium, luxury, and love. Rose gold has significance and finding the perfect vendor to produce the metallic foil on the precisely designed business cards and later, brochure, was imperative.

Soft-touch finish was added to premium paper stock along with the rose-gold metallic foil to give the in-person experience of quality and attention to detail customers can expect when they purchase chocolates from J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! 

Authentic Style

Combining professional photography with authentic international photography from trips around the world gives this brand a rare air of luxury and freedom.

The professional product photography of premium chocolates shares the divine coloring of milk, dark, and white chocolates. Jaimie’s own pictures from vacations and mission trips overseas share her global vision for humanity.

The combination tells the story of J’ Aimie’s mission to share the love of chocolate and the stories of the cacao plantations in developing countries.


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