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Dogwood Solar

Crossing the threshhold of being in business for over a decade, owner Dan S. knew he wanted to continue streamlining his customer’s journey. Updating the website and crafting an e-book to send propective clients makes their experience before the on-site estimating process smooth sailing. 


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Website Update

E-Book Creation




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Website Update

Dogwood Solar started many moons ago when owner Dan Shifley decided to take his passion for sustainability and experience with electricity full time. However, after years of serving the mid-Missouri area, it was time to focus almost exclusively on what Dogwood was known best for: solar systems. 

The old website had outdated information, old photos, and happy customer testimonials from years ago. It was time to showcase more recent special projects, some commercial installs, and share more information about battery system solutions not previously listed on the old site.

Relatively current projects got the VIP treatment when a local photographer/videographer traveled between jobs to capture drone footage and stills to help the projects section shine.




Make the Bright Choice

Your Complete Guide to Going Solar in Missouri

There’s a lot to consider when taking a step toward sustainable living. Installing a solar system on your home is typically one of the larger investments home owners make. It’s important they have up to date information as well as lots of education about which service provider is best suited for the job. 

Rather than just send prospective customers to the website or third-party information, Dogwood Solar asked us to create an e-book that could be shared with potential clients and key partners interested in learning more about the process.

We interviewed Dan and gathered information from various online sources to write a guide that not only showcases the advantages to going solar, but also the unique reasons to choose Dogwood Solar as their service provider. Brand photography is complimented with custom graphics.

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