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Kugelblitz Gaming

When Brian and Alicia Jett decided to open Kugelblitz Gaming, a family-friendly arcade and card shop in Hermann, they had a vision to create a unique and welcoming space for youth and families in this quaint tourist town. They turned to Neat + Nimble for help in building a strong brand identity that would stand out and attract the right audience. Through our Brand + Build package, we crafted a logo, brand identity guide, business cards, email signature, and an eye-catching exterior sign for their historic building.


Logo Development and Brand Identity Guide

Business Cards

Google Business Profile Setup

Email Signature

Exterior Sign



  • Graphic Design
  • Print/Press Management
  • HTML Development
  • Wayfinding Design
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Advertising

Branding on a Budget

Before partnering with Neat + Nimble, Kugelblitz Gaming faced the exciting yet challenging prospect of creating a brand and identity for their startup venture in the heart of Hermann. As dedicated community builders, Brian and Alicia Jett knew that crafting a unique look and feel was vital to attract the right customers in a town predominantly known for its wine and spirits.

They approached Neat + Nimble seeking a creative partner to breathe life into their vision. As they shared their dreams and aspirations, we immediately recognized the potential of their venture and were inspired by the name “Kugelblitz”—a German term representing a theoretical astrophysical object, a lightning ball.

With this spark of inspiration, our team set to work, designing a captivating logo that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Kugelblitz Gaming. Drawing from the concept of a lightning ball and combining it with the look of classic pinball machines, our designers crafted a dynamic and vibrant logo that symbolized the excitement and energy of the gaming world. 

From Idea to Open

Our collaboration extended to creating a comprehensive brand identity guide, ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints. This guide served as a compass for their visual language, typography, and color palette, reinforcing their brand’s unique personality.

However, the true transformation was brought to life with the unveiling of the exterior sign. Positioned prominently on their historic building in the downtown area, the sign made Kugelblitz Gaming easily visible from the street, capturing the attention of drive-by and pedestrian traffic. This attention-grabbing feature solidified their presence in the community, inviting families and youth to discover the wonders within.

Kugelblitz Gaming has emerged as a vibrant and captivating brand—a beacon of excitement and entertainment in Hermann. The arcade and card shop now exudes a distinct identity that resonates with locals and tourists alike, setting them apart as a must-visit destination in the area.


Marie at Neat & Nimble is a master of her craft. She helped me get my business off the ground in a friendly, personable, and very professional manner. Five stars!”

– Brian Jett, Owner
Kugelblitz Gaming

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