AI’s argument for Why Human Creatives are still Totally Necessary

Jan 23, 2023 | Blog

Have you seen the new Mint Mobile commercial written by the artificial intelligence chat bot ChatGPT?

If not, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

We couldn’t help but feel curious. …so Marie signed up and started a conversation. Here’s how it went:

Side note for context: After every entry by the AI there is an option to “regenerate” the entry, give it a thumbs up or down, and provide feedback about what the ideal answer could have been.

Marie: How do I get started?

ChatGPT: It depends on what you would like to get started with. Can you please provide more context or specify what task or project you would like to begin? I’ll be happy to assist you with any information or resources you need to get started.

Marie: *still drawing a blank, but wanting to work on next month’s blog article* Let’s start with a topic for a new blog post for a marketing agency

ChatGPT: Sure! Here are a few ideas for blog post topics for a marketing agency:

  1. “The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age”
  2. “5 Proven Strategies for Successful Social Media Advertising”
  3. “Measuring the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts”
  4. “The Role of SEO in a Comprehensive Marketing Plan”
  5. “How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy”
  6. “The Future of Influencer Marketing: Trends to Watch”
  7. “Maximizing Your Marketing Budget: Cost-Effective Tactics”
  8. “Email Marketing Best Practices for Engaging Your Audience”

*Marie stops the generation*

Marie: Regenerate based on the fact that we prefer to serve small business clients in a graphic design capacity

ChatGPT: Sure, here are a few ideas for blog post topics for a graphic design agency that focuses on small business clients:

  1. “The Power of Professional Graphic Design for Small Businesses”
  2. “Creating a Strong Brand Identity for Small Businesses”
  3. “5 Ways Graphic Design Can Boost Your Small Business’s Sales”
  4. “Effective Graphic Design Techniques for Small Business Websites”
  5. “Designing Logos That Help Small Businesses Stand Out”
  6. “Why Every Small Business Needs a Graphic Design Style Guide”
  7. “Maximizing Impact on a Budget: Affordable Graphic Design Solutions for Small Businesses”
  8. “Creating Graphic Design that Resonates with Small Business Target Audiences”
  9. “Using Graphic Design to Enhance Small Business Marketing Efforts”

Hope it helps, let me know if you need more information.

We Kept “Chatting”

There was some more back and forth…it was a pretty fluid conversation. Albeit, a bit more formal than just talking to a friend.

There is a lot of content circulating right now about why humans are still needed… so we decided to also ask the AI why it “thinks” humans are still needed. *Yes, this is us testing if the programmers are consciously training AI to believe the human spirit is necessary.*

Marie: As an AI, what arguments would you have to convince someone human creativity is still vital and required?

ChatGPT: As an AI, I would argue that human creativity is still vital and required for several reasons:

  1. Human creativity brings unique perspective and diversity to problem-solving: AI can be programmed to analyze data and identify patterns, but it lacks the ability to think outside the box and come up with unique, unconventional solutions. Human creativity allows for a diverse range of ideas and perspectives, which can lead to breakthroughs and innovations.
  2. Human creativity is essential for emotional engagement and connection: AI can mimic human-like behavior, but it cannot truly understand or express emotions. Human creativity allows for the creation of art, music, and storytelling that can evoke emotions and connect with audiences on a deeper level.
  3. Human creativity is necessary for ethical decision making: AI can make decisions based on data and algorithms, but it lacks the ability to consider moral and ethical implications. Human creativity is essential for thinking about the long-term consequences of technology and for ensuring that it is used for the benefit of society.
  4. Human creativity allows for the creation of new things, AI can only improve existing things: Human creativity is the driving force behind new ideas and innovations, whereas AI can only improve upon existing concepts and ideas.
  5. Human creativity is the driving force behind innovation: AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks and make processes more efficient, but it is not capable of generating new ideas or concepts. Human creativity is necessary for driving innovation and progress in fields such as technology, art, science, and more.

In summary, AI can be a powerful tool to help people with tasks and processes, but it cannot replace human creativity, which is vital for diverse problem-solving, emotional engagement, ethical decision-making, new ideas, and innovation.

Marie: *clicks regenerate button*

ChatGPT: *erases previous answer and “types” again* As an AI, I understand that human creativity is a valuable and unique aspect of the human experience. Here are a few arguments that I would use to convince someone that human creativity is still vital and required:

  1. Human creativity is essential in problem-solving and innovation. AI can assist with data analysis and pattern recognition, but human creativity is needed to come up with new and unique ideas and solutions.
  2. Human creativity is what makes us truly unique. AI can mimic human intelligence and behavior, but it cannot replicate the emotional and intuitive nature of human creativity.
  3. Human creativity is what gives us the ability to express ourselves in meaningful ways. AI can create art and music, but it lacks the emotional depth and personal connection that human creativity can provide.
  4. Human creativity is important in industries like advertising, fashion, music, and film, where the human touch is required for a successful outcome.
  5. Human creativity is vital for adaptability and resilience, which are key factors for success in an ever-changing world.

It’s important to note that AI can assist and enhance human creativity, but it cannot replace it. AI and human creativity should be seen as complementary rather than competitive.

So There You Have It

The regenerated answer sure sounds similar to the first one. The bot obviously has been programmed with the desired training points to provide the “right” answer. Which is begs the question: who decides what is considered right?

With certain topics, there are clear black and white definitions of what is considered the acceptable and correct or factually true. But even within those topics there are often grey areas or varying perspectives.

So until all of mankind is in agreement about everything, it’s best to continue utilizing real humans for creative tasks and problem solving beyond the obvious.

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