Learn + Launch: Customer Journey Mapping

Tuesday, March

11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Seats Available

Learn strategies for enhancing loyalty and memorability for your brand!

Building a memorable brand isn’t just about attracting customers—it’s about cultivating a loyal community that becomes your brand ambassadors. When your customers become your biggest fans, they’re not only loyal but eager to spread the word to their networks.

Decipher how your brand resonates deeply with your customers to turn them into your most passionate advocates! 

Who the Workshop is For:

  • Owners of businesses less than 5 years old who are still building their customer base
  • Businesses who want to spend less on advertising and marketing
  • Brands looking to increase referrals and word-of-mouth reviews
  • Those seeking to streamline client communications to build loyalty

  • Businesses who depend on online reviews to attract new customers
  • Startups in their early stages looking to build a loyal customer base

  • Professionals wanting to enhance their understanding of customer journey mapping

  • Individuals interested in creating memorable experiences to increase customer loyalty and referrals

  • Marketing Managers, Coordinators, Public Relations, Executive Directors, Office Managers, Account Managers, Social Media Managers, Sales Teams, & More!


$49 In-Person

*Lunch provided if you register by March 22nd. 

Virtual Option $35 Per Person

Google Meeting Details to follow after registration is complete.

*Lunch will not be provided for virtual attendees. Virtual tickets will automatically be discounted the box lunch price.

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In-Person Location

Conference Room at Columbia REDI
500 E Walnut Street, Suite 102
Columbia, MO 65201

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