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Dec 29, 2022 | Dream + Do, Ready to Publish

Whether you’re still in the dreaming stage or marching along beating your own brand drum, every business owner can use a little extra inspiration every now and again. Explore some new ideas, build your brand knowledge, and grow your business this new year.

There are thousands of great new self-motivating, inspirational entrepreneurship books that come out every year. With so many options and so little time it can be difficult and overwhelming to identify which books to read.

Here are a few of our personal favorites to recommend: 

  1. The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek: Most well known for “for your why”, Simon has an approach for the purpose of your brand and your mission in a way that is much bigger than yourself. 
  2. Untamed by Glennon Doyle: This book focuses on finding your inner truth and listening to it. One of our favorite quotes from this book is “The braver I am, the luckier I get.”
  3. The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier: Our takeaway: how to think of your brand as a living and evolving thing without getting lost. One of our favorite thought provoking quotes is, “Ask yourself 3 little questions. Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter?”
  4. Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon: The seven things every brand needs to create zealots for your future. Once part case-studies, one part theory, you’ll find yourself either checking the boxes or discovering gaps in your own brand. 
  5. Brand Naming by Rob Meyerson: A tactical approach to creating a memorable name without overcomplicating it. 

We’re always looking for motivational or inspirational books. What’s your favorite?

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