Oct 4, 2021 | Asked + Answered, Social + Strategic

Why Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger being “down” today is a good thing and what to do when or IF it comes back—An opinion by Marie Newell

If you’re like billions worldwide, you’ve noticed by now that Facebook is not working. News sources across the globe are reporting outages. A handy website called is reporting an increase in complaints of Facebook not working as early as 10:23 am on October 4, 2021.

If your business has come to a grinding halt or fallen off a cliff due to these social media apps being down, you’ve built your kingdom on borrowed land.

Utilizing a very small portion of the available channels to advertise, or even worse—only one!— is like building a house on borrowed land. You don’t own it, so you don’t make the rules. When outages like this happen, your business suffers.

However, when you are utilizing a diverse marketing mix there is a smaller risk for impact if one of the many channels goes down. This is especially important if you’re an online company dealing with internet, technology, and cybersecurity.

Let today’s Facebook blackout be a reminder to:

  1. Change your password and stop using Facebook to log into other apps or websites
  2. Update your business page admins
  3. Consider diversifying your marketing and including email so you own your audience (we can help!)
  4. Plan for the unexpected
  5. Create your own website and invest in SEO, don’t just rely on a Facebook page to be found (we can help with this too!)

If now’s the time to make a change, let’s talk. We’d be happy to connect you with resources as well as do some planning so you’re not feeling the panic the next time social media comes crashing down. After all, it’s not the first time.

PS: If you’re one of our social media management clients, we’re waiting this out to see what’s happening like the rest of the world. If you’d like to seize this opportunity to remove Facebook and Instagram from your marketing mix, we’d be happy to either terminate your contract for those services or better yet—help you find a really great new use for the investment. Call or text Marie to chat about your options.

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